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How do you develop a learning culture that grows your business?

How do you build a high performing team?

Explore these and other business matters presented by an expert and based on the latest in research and development. 

Ask your burning questions during the Q&A session and have a new outlook on your business and innovation.

Mindset Coaching


Identify your strengths and develop skills to improve your leadership performance and team success. Develop a concrete plan with a certified* professional coach that will help you start achieving your goals in a few sessions. Gain confidence in your ability to perform at the highest level and achieve success for yourself and your team.

*Certified in the Tony Robbins Strategic Intervention Coaching Method mindset coaching

Experiential Learning


If you liked a Masterclass but want more, why not also treat your team to an experiential learning opportunity, a workshop that will expose them to the newest thinking in collaboration and diversity, workplace wellbeing and innovation. With practical exercises and experiential activities, get them to discover opportunities for growth and expansion which will benefit them as much as your team. Our experienced facilitators will keep them engaged with meaningful activities and materials. experiential learning


Leadership Mindset Coach

 Dani is very results driven, and we worked to ensure that I could see changes reflected in my team’s performance.  

My team have responded well to my firmer direction and more confident approach with a greater level of engagement and sharing of new ideas.  

Together we are working on a vision for the work that we do and I have been successful in achieving buy-in from everyone around this process. Dani supports her coaching sessions with clear and professional 

online resources.  

I participated in her change management and service excellence modules. I found them to be concise, informative and helpful 

for implementing change. 

- Sara Roberts, Learning and Teaching Services Manager, University of Canterbury



Excellent introduction to creating a culture of customer service excellence. 

Dani was clear and insightful, with a warm manner. This webinar was useful for 

HR and professionals who want to maximise engagement with staff and customers.  

–Julia Shallcrass, Legal HR Advisor



I recently attended a Productivity and Resilience Course run by Dani. I found the course to be very helpful. Dani teaches delivers the course concepts in a practical way. I left the course with a number of insights and tools to help me to 

be more efficient with my time and get more out of my day.

–Olivia Donaldson, BNZ Bank Manager

WOW Dani! What an amazing day. So inspiring that I have spent the last two & a half hours since I got home jotting down my 'take away' learnings from the day & starting a Results based action plan

 so I don't forget today's many "aha" moments. All this on a Friday night, with the flu, after a 7 & 1/2hr training day! I've never done this straight after a course before. 

Dani, you have INSPIRED me. Thank you! Every company owner and manager who wants to increase company productivity and staff engagement should put their staff through this course.

–Joanna Giles, Business Owner